Why Choose Advanced Rehab Network?

The landscape of health care is changing in so many ways. One thing is certain; we all want patients to be better quickly and in the most cost-effective way. That’s where ARN can help. All of our providers clinics have been credentialed as quality providers. In addition, we serve the areas of Michigan where your members live. We provide high quality care at an affordable cost creating a win-win-win scenario. A win for you, the payer, as your members get well quickly and affordably. A win for patients for feeling better. A win for ARN for joining all the parties!

Some of the benefits of choosing ARN include:

Network: Access to a network of private practice physical and occupational therapy providers Independent Practices: ARN providers are all independently owned and operated.

Credentialed: ARN providers are proven to be high quality and have passed the ARN credentialing process. They get results for patients!

Coverage Across Michigan: ARN is growing every week, adding more providers across the state of Michigan.

We make your life easier! ARN provides these benefits to payers:

  • Single source contracting
  • Centrally managed contracting
  • Flexibility with ARN providers across the state
  • Monthly ARN provider data
  • Easy, available, and on-going communication



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