Advanced Rehab Network generates and manages contracts with a variety of payers, including, insurance carriers, PPOs, employers, case managers groups and other third party payers. This not only increases patient access to your practice, but also increases the level of reimbursement.

ARN Gets Results!

We generate and manage new contracts at higher reimbursements that you are eligible for, but you maintain control. You decide which contracts to opt in or out of.

We provide promotion through ARN. We make sure the payers know who you are and that you’re in their system with the correct information and ready to receive referrals.

We give you the power back to be able to survive in this changing healthcare environment. By belonging to ARN, you are not standing alone. You will have the power of a larger network, while maintaining your independence.

You’re not alone! Our ARN Business Development Representatives will make regular checkups with you to make sure you’re getting all that ARN has to offer. We also have Member Services Representatives ready to assist you with any other support issues.

ARN provides regular support to ensure that you’re receiving the highest contracted amount. We’ll help you identify ARN referrals and assist your billing department in getting the right reimbursements.

Once you become a member, you’ll have access to the members only section of the ARN website. Here, you’ll have immediate access to all current contracts. You’ll also be able to order customized marketing materials, and even network with other ARN members.

ARN stays in touch with monthly newsletters. This will include information such as, new contracts, marketing tips, general industry information, business tips, event updates and information about what we’re doing for your success.

We know that there are other important aspects of running a successful physical and occupational therapy clinic and we can help with that. We offer discounted, customized print materials to help promote what you do. Ready to move to functional outcomes? ARN members receive a discount with the industry leading Web Outcomes. And if you want to make sure you’re receiving the maximum amount for your hard work, we offer a complimentary “Contract Check-up.”

These high quality print materials have been designed by top notch graphic artists with expertise in the health care industry. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars in design fees. We’ve done that for you.

ARN is committed to the success of all independent physical and occupational therapy clinics. We worked very hard to help pass the Direct Access bill in Michigan, which went into effect on January 1, 2015. We lobbied legislators, participated in legislative breakfasts and meetings for YOU!

As you know, the industry is trying to move away from utilization models of quality and move toward functional outcomes based models of quality. ARN has been leading the charge in this issue. In fact, we’ve already met with Blue Cross Blue Shield and have begun a pilot program on functional outcomes with them.

We only succeed when you succeed. It’s with that in mind that we offer a complimentary “Billing Report Card” consultation to all ARN members. This report card will help assist you with receiving the maximum reimbursements for your hard work.

Do you feel powerless over your insurance reimbursements?

Would you love to have more workers comp and auto patients?

Ever wish you had the money for a full time contract negotiator?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider Advanced Rehab Network.

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