What is Advanced Rehab Network (ARN)?

ARN is a growing network of quality, independent physical therapy clinics in Michigan.

How does ARN judge quality?

We have a credentialing process, which meets or exceeds the standards of the contracted payers.

Can any clinic become a member?

In order for a clinic to become and ARN member they must be independently owned and operated without any affiliation with a physician, physician group or hospital. In addition, they must pass all credentialing.

Does ARN notify payers when I become a member?

Yes. ARN sends a monthly update to all payers. In addition, we make follow-up phone calls to be sure the changes are made at the payer level. Finally, our regular checkups with an ARN Business Development Representative will make sure you’re getting the referrals and reimbursements you’re entitled to as an ARN member.

What other services does ARN Provide?

ARN offers:

  • Optional specialized billing for worker’s compensation and auto claims
  • Branding and marketing assistance
  • Easy access and discounts to professional, personalized, marketing materials
  • Discounts to services such as Web Outcomes for functional reporting
  • Complimentary “Contract Check-up”
  • CPU/CEU Opportunities

How much does it cost to become a member?

Currently, the price of membership $175 per month, per clinic when paid by monthly credit card autopay. Contact Member Services at LSelden@AdvancedRehabNetwork.com for an application or for questions about membership.

Does ARN hold member meetings?

Coming in 2018 is an annual meeting for ARN members. This will include ample time for networking, as well as discussions on a variety of topics, including marketing, practice management, billing and coding, and issues facing the health care industry.

How do I access the members only section of the website?

Once you’re a member, you will receive a login and password. Just click on the “Members Only” link in the upper right-hand corner of the website to access the login page.

How do I sign up to receive the ARN newsletter?

Once you become a member you will automatically receive the newsletter via email each month. Just email Member Services at THurley@AdvancedRehabeNetwork.com to add other employees to the email list.



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